YouTube GOLD - Mine site Mayhem: the "Safety" Inspector & New Equipment (S2 E3) | RC ADVENTURES

The new equipment came in to make our mine site even more crazy than it was before. #YTG2019 (season 2) is in full mining mode now.. and we are starting to test the equipments limits. Little did I know the safety inspector was coming out to the site today. I tried to distract him with learning how to use the D10 Dozer.. and he seemed to take a shine to it. He was mostly involved with opening the new cut.. but what can you do about these Canadian inspectors. You gotta grease a few palms to get any kind of gold action around here with out having to go through a bunch of red tape. I have a new Material Hopper and Conveyor System. But when you are in the mining game - money is no object when you have a goal in mind...

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