What is JawSaw Chain Saw?

My review of the Worx Jawsaw 20V Chainsaw! What is it How powerful is it Is it the next-gen chainsaw Well I tackle some overgrown trees in my backyard to put this thing to the test! I use the 2.0Ah and the 4.0Ah batteries to test the difference in power! If you want to pick up one of these amazing chainsaws for yourself, I've included links below! *ALSO! I do fully understand the difference between volts and amp hours. The 4ah batt shouldn't have more power than the 2ah batt but it clearly does and you can see and hear it in this video. I purchased the 4ah battery after so many of you recommended it after my PowerShot video and claimed the same thing so I went in thinking it would have more power as well as lasting longer , and it did!

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