Washing the New Holland T5 Tractor (Wash Week!)

It's fall clean-up time on the farm, time to wash the tractor! And the horse and the side by side Honda Pioneer 4!
Join Farm Girl on her many CRAZY adventures on their NEWLY BUILT family farm on 87 acres in Western Michigan. Born and raised a city-girl, she's finding out everyday what's she's made of as she struggles to make sense of the farming life!
With plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor and lots of mischief, you never know what you'll watch next!
While dairy farming runs thick though the veins of both her grandparents and her boyfriend Erik's grandparents, this is their FIRST real experience running a farm!
With the ever-present threat of agricultural and small farming practices dying-off, Farm Girl shows that anyone can keep old traditions alive with a bit of grit and determination (and maybe some crying).

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