Twin Simplicity air carts feed the system.

Zell Gavin’s 212 foot air seeder takes a pair of Deere 9Ts to keep it rolling. Twin Simplicity air carts feed the system.

Multi Farming Systems | Company has used large equipment to seed more than 2,000 acres in a day

My jaw dropped a little when a picture of a Multi Farming Systems seeder showed up on my twitter feed. I’ve seen some big seeders roaming the Canadian countryside, but nothing that stretched out like this Australian rig.

Multi Farming Systems already holds a world seeding record for seeding 2,237 acres in 24 hours, and that was with the little guy: the 120 foot seeder.

The company now sells a fully equipped 160 foot seeder, which the company calls a multi-planter, and has produced a 212 foot frame for a farmer, who tooled it up with his own hardware.

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