Tractor & Truck Pulling - 10,000HP Engine, Turbo Sounds, Diesel Power, Wheelies & More!

This video is about the 3rd round of the Italian Tractor Pulling Championship! There were such a variety of tractors, from the "tiny" turbocharged ones to the Iveco trucks, up to the 10000HP of the four Hemi 8.6-litre supercharged V8 engines or the 9000HP of the three Allison 28-litre V12 aircraft engines! And what about "The Joker" powered by a Curtiss Wright R-3350 radial 18 cylinders engine, the same engine of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Let me know in the comments if you like these kind of videos!

#tractor #tractorpulling #dieselpower

- Event: Italian Tractor Pulling Championship 2017
- Where: Piacenza, Italy
- When: 22nd July 2017

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