Tractor stood up while emptying the overload gravel-filled tractor roly

Strict action has been given by the state government against illegal gravel mining and transportation, in such a situation, in the village Daurala post Peepalda tehsil bid of Sawai Madhopur district, the district administration and the police police have suddenly blocked the tractors and transported the gravel near the road Stopped but in the meantime some tractor drivers started emptying the gravel on the road itself. During this time, the tractor stood up while emptying the overload gravel-filled tractor roly, which once the administration could even come in, the tractor driver first tried Towed down and then the JCB's gravel was emptied from the trolley in Sawai Madhopur, there are sentences of this way, if the administration takes action, then this tractor driver drops the gravel on the road in a way that would not only block the way But the administration has to evacuate from the gravel road after the trouble, although the administration did not talk to the media about this action, but the way the transport of gravel is going on even after lakhs of efforts shows that in Sawai Madhopur Rung of administration Not running

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