Top 10 Most Beautiful and Amazing Buildings

The Dutch company Vanku has created an innovative Tiger-Stone machine that can completely change the process of laying sidewalks. The machine is a platform on caterpillars with an inclined cloth of metal rods.ROTHENBERGER ROWELD
Series of hydraulic systems for welding large diameter plastic pipes. The welding process is controlled by software control with the simultaneous recording of work.

American company Kite Bricks decided to use the principle of block connections in children's designers for full-scale construction work. The building blocks of Smart Brick are made of high-strength concrete, capable of withstanding tremors of a serious earthquake.DIAMOND CORE DRILLING
Technology of high-speed diamond drilling. Now drilling of reinforced concrete has ceased to be a difficult super task in the process of construction work.BIQ HOUSE
In Hamburg, Germany, the first house was constructed, which uses photosynthesis from algae as a source of energy. The project was developed by engineers from the British bureau Arup, who decided in practice to show that today it is possible to use this "green energy".COLLOMIX MASONRY SYSTEM
Collomix GmbH is known for producing the best construction equipment for mixing a variety of construction mortars.DOXEL
A robot that can find building errors. At every construction site, mistakes due to the human factor are inevitable when reconciling with the drawings. To identify inconsistencies at an early stage and in time to eliminate them will help the robot Doxel.

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