The sporty luxury class VARIO Alkoven 1200

The living environment in the VARIO Alkoven 1200 conveys an impressive sense of space that is reminiscent of a modern luxury apartment. Space creates a 3.4 m wide slide out - in VARIO alcove already from 10.5 m Reisemobillänge available.

First-class workmanship and a luxurious ambience are shown in the craftsmanship furniture, American walnut combined with contrasting white satined furniture flaps and gently shiny surfaces. The interior presents itself in the "vogueART" design with stylishly modern straight furniture fronts. Exquisite materials such as the expressive and easy-care object floor in the wood design, the mineral Staron® worktops, soft leather upholstery and a continuously variable ambient lighting result in a spacious lounge area with an extravagant loft character that invites you to chill out.

Starting with a length of just 9 m, individual VARIOmobiles, including a car garage, are individually manufactured in the Bohmter motorhome manufacture. The car can be placed in the tailor-made rear garage by means of a cable winch or with the even more comfortable automatic sliding plateau. As with the entire motorhome, there is no place to give away and, with many years of experience and craftsmanship, to find exclusive, comfortable and above all customer-oriented solutions in mobile home construction.

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