Bardai Group of Companies have been pioneers in the Construction Equipment Rental Industry in INDIA and overseas for over 50 Years, and today have a fleet in excess of 250 machines.

LONG REACH, SUPER LONG REACH and ULTRA LONG Reach Excavators -- upto 30 meters REACH and 20 meters DIGGING DEPTH.
We are pioneers in LONG REACH DREDGING EXCAVATORS and have worked in PORTS, RIVERS, HARBORS, etc.

New and well maintained fleet of Excavators from 10 Ton to 120 Ton Class

Amphibious Excavators -- 35 and 55 Ton Class. Can work in water, swamps, marshes, canals and other waterbodies. Completely self propelled and armed with hydraulic spuds for superior stability whilst being capable of deeper water dredging, de-silting, trenching and varied other mission uses.

Vibro Ripper Attachments can be used on land and underwater

Tele Dipper Attachments with clamshell buckets can work 25m vertically down.

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