Starting a tractor by spinning the PTO

When your starter is bad and "roll starting" isn't an option... here's a different (and potentially dangerous) way to start a tractor using the PTO (Power Take-off), a ratcheting tie-down, a car, and a lovely and skilled assistant.
Key Points:

1) Ensure the tractor's transmission is in neutral
2) Ensure the throttle is set to idle and the fuel cut-off properly set
3) Use the highest PTO speed you have (yes, in the video I said to use 540 because it had more torque, but that was not correct - in fact if you have 1000 available you should use that, as it will apply more torque to the tractor's engine for starting, much in the same way using 2nd gear in a car works better for roll starting)
4) Do NOT tie or attach the strap to the PTO shaft - it should fall away when the end is reached
5) The clutch operator should press the clutch in before the pull vehicle moves and SLOWLY release it throughout the pull so none of the components are "shock loaded". For this reason, it's probably best to do this on dirt/gravel using a lightweight pull vehicle (like a small car or 4-wheeler).
6) The pull vehicle driver should continue pulling until the strap is well clear of the PTO implement

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