Special John Deere 8600i Container Carrier | Timmerman

Lucerne or Alfalfa harvest.
Dutch company Timmerman specialises in growing, processing and drying lucerne (alfalfa) & grass for animal feed. a unique John Deere 8600i forage harvester is used to harvest the crop.
The crop is cut using a Fendt 936 with 9-metre wide Krone triple mower followed by a New Holland T6.155 and ROC RT 1000 belt merger. This 10m wide machine makes light work of gathering 3 swaths from the Krone.
Finally the special John Deere 8600i comes in to chop the crop and blow it into containers. The articulated steering machine has been fitted with a hook lift trailer to quickly pick up and drop the containers, which Container trucks then transport the green feed to the factory. Where the feed has been dried it is pressed into bales or palest

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