Snowmobile from Sanok and Chainsaw - I did not expect such ADRENALIN and speed

Com: Yarmalenko : Was in the Soviet era, the transfer "This is you can." Remembered the plot (where it was in the early 70's), the guy to the engine chainsaw attached propeller, hung the construction on his shoulders, stood on the skis and forward. Zima, the sun, the snowy steppe, and speed 40 km / h.

Com: Zurawski: You can make the most powerful chandelier of Chizhevskiy it will be cool and also you can make a compact Chizhevsky chandelier. You can even make such a Chizhevsky chandel as Victor Zhukov has one of the coolest chances. Maybe you can make a cooler

Com: Feereman: Cool great it's still possible to finish the rear wheel you can put a brake disc on the rear wheel that was brakes and paint the frame black and not a lot of scenery and will be on a hurray and put the exhaust pipe so it was beautiful and still put the battery and lights and Speedometer and there will be a poured Snowmobile. .. one more time, put your own pedals and brake, gas to the pidas I think it will be cool.


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