School Bus Turned into Hay Bale Loader on South Dakota Farm

Video of South Dakota man's custom reversed 1988 IH school bus with Artsway loader in action loading large round hay bales in farm field near Highmore, SD. The hay bale bus loader belongs to Dallas Henry

LoL.... You guys need to travel to Kansas with your cameras.


These things have been around here since the 80's.


Everything from converted into loaders such as the above, to pig haulers, bale haulers, cattle haulers, you name it.... Hate to break it to you but this is old news.


Granted, first one I have seen with a 7.3 navistar.


Sound like he is poor and have TBC .... cruel world. They shot the schoolbus driver and took the bus. So now he don't have to go to school either.


From a distance it looks like the worlds best backwards driver. Maters little cousin from cars. Lol

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