Road preparation for lumber trucks: 4 turns and a turnaround Part: 3

In order to get the timber out after the upcoming forest work a few turns must be widened and a turnaround at the end of the road must be built. I have to move between the different areas because of the flow of the material delivery and this will be a series of movies and I will try to sort and edit it together as best I can. This film covers work on turn 4. This is more for allowing a higher approach speed, a softer exit and a better view over the crest from both directions. Excavator: Cat 313 Dump truck: Hydrema 910 Camera: GoPro Black 7 Video Editing: iMovie Location: Sweden Amazon links: Gopro 7 Black: Gopro Suction Cup Mount: And for the music, It's hard to find music to use on youtube. I sugest to mute youtube, open Spotify, find a playlist and listen to what you prefer instead. If you find a good playlist, please share in the comments :) Music: Noir Et Blanc Vie: Straight Out Cold The Mini Vandals: Addid Ababa Silent Partner: Lucky Duck ALBIS: Biggie Quincas Moreira: Dodo Bird Emil Fredenmark: Elden ( http:/ ) Dan Lebowitz: Bridges

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