Potato harvest in Saudi Arabia

Potato harvest in Saudi Arabia Leha Agricultural Production Harvest is the last process we do for potatoes in the field, which is one of the most important operations that we do where the preservation of the product and output B - the best picture of the consumer or storage within the refrigerators so you have to pay attention to this process as it is not less than the importance of agriculture and stages of the development of the life of the plant as all methods of harvesting - Harvest manual 2 - Harvest semi - automatic 3 - Harvest automatic or automatic first manual harvesting and this method we use Only the human factor in the process of harvest and what is used Wen labor or Fez in skewers Altkulaia or their hands, an ancient process and is still used to this day in some small farms and small businesses. Second: Harvest semi automatic or semi automatic This method is used as a harvester that distributes potatoes and screening as in the video and placed on the same line and then the workers collect these potatoes and put them in bags or gambos is the most prevalent way in companies, especially the Middle East and the advantage of this method to maintain The product is preferred in the potato, which is delivered to the markets directly or seed production is the best way to preserve the potato peel III Harvest automatic or automatic This way we use the automatic harvest without great human intervention and advantage of this method savings in labor and speed But it needs light sandy land and also potato chips are good not preferred in potatoes Potato or potato with a weak crust Potato harvester is a machine for harvest potatoes, and works by carrying agricultural crops and lifting by a crane, and then the potatoes are revised to be ready, The machine is on the sifting and twisting of the soil, and it has kinds of rotary which works by traction either animal or human animals, including what is compounded by tractor and machinery vehicles.

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