Planting Flowerbulbs in Netting | JD 8360RT

Tulip bulb planting with specially modified John Deere 8360RT with a Koops planter for 2.25 meter wide beds and a Hegro bunker-roof with a capacity for 8 crates of bulbs.
The bulbs are plated between double netting this way they are more easily lifted out of the ground without soil during harvest.
The field is prepared using various New Holland T7 tractors. First the cover crop is cultivated with a rotary tiller after that it's ploughed and the last pass is to creat a seedbed using a power harrow.
On the headland there is a Hegro loading station is used to fill the plant tractors bunker in a few seconds. The conveyer belt is controlled with an RC remote on the planting tractor.

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