New Holland Introduces Methane-Powered Concept Tractor

Can you imagine a farm of the future which is completely energy independent, satisfying all of its own fuel and energy requirements, as well as those of the local community Now try imagining that same farm achieving this using waste products. That’s what the engineers and designers at New Holland did. And they’ve done more than just imagine it. They’ve delivered it.

Farmers could spearhead the move away from fossil fuel powered vehicles towards renewable sources, by using a ‘closed-loop’ virtuous cycle that powers tractors using energy produced from their own land and waste products. That’s the thinking behind the new methane powered concept tractor from New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI).

This concept features a reimagined tractor design, which is a clear departure from anything seen to date in agriculture. The New Holland methane powered concept tractor reflects the increasing importance and viability of alternative fuels in farming, and of creating fuel from crops, agricultural waste and waste from the wider food industry

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