Muck Truck vs. Schubkarre | Eine(r) geht noch

In the race: conventional wheelbarrow with male occupation vs. Wheelbarrow with permanent four-wheel drive and woman at the wheel! Right from the beginning, the Muck Truck prevails in the 25-lap race and leaves the wheelbarrow with male operation on the track. Knock out in the last round - you give up and wife keeps spinning your rounds. This success is due to the fact that the Mini Dumper is driven by a powerful Honda GXV 160 engine with 5.5 hp. Even uneven roads are no obstacle for the four-wheel drive Muck Truck with 3 forward and one reverse gear. In addition, this wheelbarrow on 4 wheels offers a maximum payload of 365 kg. Not on the track, but rent a Muck Truck ...

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