Metsjo MetaNO Hightipper 3x

Metsjö MetaNo High-tipper
For cleaning trenches along roads
Waterproof tailgate with draining system on right side
Ability to be pulled by an excavator

Net load: 10.000 KG
Tipping height: 2300 MM
Tipping Angle: 65 Degrees
Exhaust gas warming of container
Hydraulic driven side extensions to catch material
Hydraulic waterproof tailgate, draining system right side
Axles height and lateral adjustable 350 MM
Hydraulic draw bar
Hydraulic under run protection
Oil requirement: 15+9 L
Heavy Duty container Hardox 450, 6 MM both bottom and sides
Radio controlled electro hydraulics
Height and lateral control from driver seat
Separate hydraulic system
Active suspension
Hydraulic suspended draw-bar
Hydraulic under-run protection rear
Mechanical hand-break

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