Liebherr R9250 Super Longreach | co-production Heron - BePe construction

Bepe construction in The Netherlands teamed up with Heron construction in New Zealand to design a first and second stick for their 270t longreach for a project in Lyttelton NZ. In 2015, we received a request from Heron construction to engineer a 13.5 meter longreach stick for a Liebherr R9250. It has already completed many operating hours to their full satisfaction. At the beginning of this year Heron asked us to engineer an extra stick of 13.5 meter. The machine now has a total range of 42 meters and is used to finish the slope and rock deposits from the coastline. BePe construction engineered both sticks in-house and carried them out as light as possible with the help of various FEM calculations, so that the maximum can be obtained from the machine. We have taken into account the requested lifespan and the intended capacity of the machine. Of course, we preferably produce a construction like this entirely in our well-equipped workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. But given the short delivery time, we engineered this project including the workshop drawings and cut shape files. Heron construction had the steel cut in New Zealand and then welded it together in their own workshop using our drawings and instructions.

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