Hydraulic felling wedge from Nordforest

The hydraulic wedge is used as an alternative to heavy wedge work in the hardwood harvest. Advantages of using the Hydraulic Felling Wedge compared to traditional wedge work are: In vibration-free wedging - the danger of falling deadwood can be classified as significantly lower. In the ergonomically favorable work by high Hubkräfte.Bei 40 N (about 40 kg) lifting force, a lifting capacity of about 15 t is reached. The maximum lifting capacity of approx. 28 t is achieved with approx. 72 N (approx. 72 kg) of leverage. In the increased safety when felling on slopes, since the operation of the felling wedge is safer (standing on a slope) than wedging against the slope. The pump lever can be plugged in on the left and on the right

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