Hydra-Ram Truck Bodies

Pik Rite Hydra-Ram truck bodies can safely off-load in low clearance areas and even on a hillside! This heavy duty truck body use a hydraulic ram to push the material off the body.
Safety and efficiency are maximized for your entire crew. Unload under power lines, in uneven terrain or indoors.

By off-loading the material without raising the bed we can now provide operators with the control and safety that complicated job sites demand!

Pik Rite truck bodies offer optional tailgate configurations and unique features and customization. An optional outside control panel gives the operator a firsthand view, which offers a new level of precision and functionality while making this truck body perfect for a variety of jobs. The heavy duty hydraulic push panel quickly and cleanly pushes the material off the truck. This eliminates the stress of broken apron chains and complicated live bottom systems.

When it comes to unloading only a portion of your load, Hydra-Ram technology offers more precision than ever before. Tailgating material, metering your load off as you travel, and winter road treatment is now made easy. This is perfect for highway road masters and municipalities!

Pik Rite truck bodies are proudly made in the USA and built to work the way you work! For more information about the Hydra-Ram series truck bodies or any of our heavy duty truck bodies, call Pik Rite at 800-326-9763.

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