How to Make Brilliant CAR JACK stand


Com: Patrick mglone : That has to be the dumbest, and the most unsafe way regarding using a jack stand. Cause that's exactly what you made--a JACKSTAND!

and I don't know who taught you metal fabrication, but before you drill or weld something together, you clean off all of the rust.

You don't clean after the final welding was done. And I wouldn't advise anyone who watched this unsafe video to try it. So UNSAFE!

Com: Joe mercieca : Give the guy a break people!! It's an idea. If you feel it is not for you then don't adopt it. You can also put forward your ideas why you don't like it or if you do like it. But please be respectful.

The guy puts forward an idea to help people out and your response is to attack him Shame on you!!

Com: Bruce : You come up with a lot of good ideas and make a lot of cool stuff but this one is a bad idea.

The base isn't wide enough to be stable and the rod you use to adjust the height breaks very easily, I'm actually surprised it didn't snap when you were bending it.

I'm not saying this to be rude or hateful as I really enjoy your channel. I just want you and others to be safe.


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