How to make Agriculture Machine - Manure Spreader and Automatic Manure Collector

How to make manure spreader and automatic manure collector

In this video I will guide you: how to make agriculture machine: automatic fertilizer spreader and manure collector - truck agriculture for kids from using cardboard and motor DC.

This is a remote control manure spreader truck toys with a Operating system from 10 DC motors, it active amazing. Hope you like #truck it. Thank you!

Materials you need: cardboard, 2 coca cola cans, 7 motor down speed and 3 motor DC 9v, 8 toy wheels, remote control board, latex tires, 1 switch, battery, wood stick, aluminum bars, bamboo skewers, straws, hot glue gun...... and follow all steps from this video and you will get amazing If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :)

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