Helicopter Tree Sawing In The MD 500

Helicopter Pilot Jobs Tree Sawing In The MD Helicopters MD 500. From Kenny Keller Creator Of Helicopter Online Ground School and Author of the Amazon Best Seller Helicopter Check Ride. Hello I'm Kenny Keller, the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School and author of the book, Helicopter Check Ride. I had the privilege to go see one of my former students that started out with me over ten years ago, as a new kid right out of high school. Now he's a helicopter tree saw pilot. I spent two days watching him and his partner work the operation, the helicopter tree sawing and it was absolutely amazing. These guys work awesome together as a team. They work a crazy schedule, twenty-eight days, twenty-eight days off. They work really hard while they are away from their families and then they get a break and get to go home for twenty-eight days.
This is an absolute amazing helicopter pilot job. I've been in and around helicopters for twenty years and I was completely and entirely amazed by this operation. The tree saw hangs below the helicopter from a aluminium tube. The tube basically just is a carry mount for the saw. The saw itself has a gas motor that drives the saws with a belt.
The pilot operates the saw from inside the helicopter. He can start the unit, get the blade spinning and get them up to RPM. He can also turn the saw in relation to the helicopter depending on how he's cutting.

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