FRUMACO Shake and Catch Harvester

The vibration and collection function is combined in a lateral movement machine next to the tree. In this type of machine a continuous harvest method is used, that is, the trees are harvested continuously without breaks. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with a vibrator that works continuously.

A special electro-hydraulic mechanism controls the process. Thus, after the vibration operation the fruits do not fall to the ground, as a kind of umbrella on the tree lines will help with the process. From the side of the machine and from the harvesting stand the fruits are obtained through a special seal built on a central conveyor belt.

This is designed in such a way that, despite the density function, a continuous harvest operation is still being supplied. On the descending conveyor belts, the elevator and the purification phase, the fruits will be transported to a conteiner propelled in an adjacent row.

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