Clearing new pog MeriPeat OJ-1 0 K + Valtra

Clearing new peat land in Finland. Opening old ditches for 1m deep.
Clearing is done by one pass Meripeat ditcher is c/w 200hp farm tractor.
The bog clearing machinery developed and manufactured by Suokone is well suited both for clearing new bogs and maintaining old ones.
The machinery can also be used to make agricultural fields on bog-based land.
Screw ditchers have turned out superior in ditching, which is also possible during ground frost.
Preparing millers are used to chop down bog surface growth, stumps and snags.
With screw levellers, production areas can be reshaped into an optimal form, in order to keep the areas dry even during rainy summers.
With profiling millers, any risen ditch borders can be removed. The worked result will spread evenly over the strip, and may be collected into the peat stack as normal milled peat product. The use of a profiler 4-5 times during the summer will save a lot of time in autumn preparation.

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