Chain Saw HACK 3 - Capstan Winch

In this video - Chain Saw HACK 3 - Capstan Winch

The main element of this project is 2 HP Chain Saw and a very solid worm gear.
The chain drive may seem like a strange solution, but believe me, the bicycle chain is very durable and resistant to heavy loads.
It is possible to use a V-belt and a pulley. It may be a better solution. Unfortunately, the clutch in my saw did not allow it, so I did a chain transmission.
Sprockets were previously used, but their usage was low so I could use them again.
The drum was made very solid, but it should be more rounded, which would give less rope resistance.
I decided on such a construction and use of a rope instead of a steel rope for several reasons:
- I can use an unlimited length of rope (steel rope always has a limit)
- Safety - Breaking the rope does not pose a threat to the person who is operating the winch.
- Pulling force does not decrease because the rope does not wind on the drum
-To stop the winch you have to let the rope. (It is a very safe method for the user)
- The speed of unrolling the rope is incomparably faster to standard winches.

I am very happy with the achieved effect. The power of the extractor is sufficient for my needs. If necessary, the saw can be unscrewed and used for cutting trees, because it is not permanently connected to the winch.
Of course, this is not a professional winch as in forestry tractors, but for domestic use it works perfectly.

Perhaps I will do a longer test and record a video as it deals with an intermediate roll and larger loads.
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