BIG BUD Tractor Restoration - 2019 Time-Lapse

After months we've finally finished working on this BIG BUD! Restorations are never easy but thankfully this one didn't need a lot of mechanical work so it wasn't as extensive as previous builds we have done. Paint, interior, wiring, hydraulics, lights, and decals make such a difference! Large farm tractors like these spend tens of thousands of working hours and need rebuilt from time to time. Our plan for this beast is to use it in spring planting along side our BIG BUD KTA 525. TRACTOR SPECS: Year Built: 1979 Model: 525/50 (upgraded to a 600/50) Engine: Cummins KTA 18.8L 6-cyl diesel Weight: 52,000 lbs Fuel: 550 gal Transmission: Twin Disc 9 speed Tires: 30.5-32

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