Beetroot ROPA Eurotiger V8-4 XL - Beet harvesting

The extra-wide lifting unit is towed along the public traffic lanes in a compressed-air-hung transport trolley along the euro-Tiger. The sugar beet season (beet campaign) starts again. The first beets will be cleared from 14 September in the district of Uelzen (Lower Saxony), district Seedorf. With the ROPA euro- Tiger V8-4 XL beet harvester, 9 rows can be cleared at once. These sugar beet are for the sugar factory of Nordzucker AG in Uelzen. Beet harvest in Germany. Power Harvesting - The Köpfrodebunker has a 440 kW / 598 hp Mercedes Benz V8 engine and a bunker volume of over 40 m³.

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