ATLAS 260 LC Rubber Track Excavator

At the tree - trimming specialist event in Putensen in October 2018, ia. the "brand new" 26.6 ton ATLAS 260 LC crawler excavator with LIFT and VARIO cabin systems is presented. The excavator was converted into a forest machine for the company Stuhlmacher Solartechnik GmbH and is now being presented to the trade public for the first time. Other participating companies on the Stuhlmacher site were u.a. HKL Baumaschinen, Westtech Woodcracker, Merlo Deutschland GmbH, Atlas Group, Lohnunternehmen Richter GBR / Amelinghausen, Fa. Holger Schiefke / Dahlenburg, Fa. Post, Lohnunternehmen André Kück / Breddorf and Straussenhof Johannsen / Bahlburg

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