70 Point De-Laval Rotary Milking Parlour.

Milking time at Glenapp - A costal farm in south Ayrshire.The farm covers 12,350 acresThe dairy herd is made up of 200 Jerseys cows which are cross bred to the New Zealand FrIesian (LIC), 450 Cross bred cows which are bred to LIC New Zealand Crossbred Bulls and 150 British Fresians bred to LIC New Zealand Jersey Bulis

More than 200 foundation animals were sourced from the Isle of Jersey, owing to the island operating a closed herd breeding policy, with Jersey young stock being selected from 23 dairy farms.
Other British Friesian and New Zealand type animals were sourced from Ireland, Wales and the Longtown area, in order to provide a foundation cross-breeding programme and capitalise on genetic benefits. The herd is currently averaging 21 litres per cow per day on a twice daily regime and is producing more than 4,000 litres per cow on an annual-basis.
Cows are fed concentrates in the rotary parlour based upon group potential yields of 18, 25 and 30 litres plus per day. Milk quality is a strong feature of the herd and is averaging 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein, with a somatic cell count of 110 and a bactoscan of 34. Milk is collected on a daily-basis by the Fresh Milk Company for cheese-making and annual milk price over the past 12 months has averaged 32p per litre.
This parlour can milk 640 cows in less than 2 hours !
The farm also has a herd of 900 suckler cows and 3500 sheep.Owned by the Inchcape family.Cost of this parlour,new milk tank and cow stalls/cubicles was about £1.2 Million.

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