The world's fastest wheel loader! 120 km / h (74 mph)

On September 11, Karin Olsson drove the 120km / h (74mph) wheel loaders in the Volvo L60G PCP, Swecon's performance concept, which is a new world record according to Guinness World Records. The first record was hit on 3 May with the Volvo L60G PCP by reaching 103 km / h on Anderstorp Raceway. After the summer, the team at Swecon chose to try again. At Eskilstuna Airport, a new world record became the world's fastest wheel loader with Karin Olsson behind the wheel, driving 120km / h. The machine is an original L60G with minor modifications to achieve these speeds. The world's fastest wheel loader! A world record! The blue and nice Volvo Terror ...

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