Eps. 8 58lb BULL DOZER D10T RiPS ME a NEW ONE! RC4WD 1/14 scale DXR2

Will the real Ben Dozer please roll out! What a Behemoth. In this episode of #YouTubeGOLD, the first thing I need to do is master the controls in order to get a good cut. My son has now coined #DieselToots as a new explanation of the exhaust system. I need to get some stick time if I am going to clear enough dirt for me to reach my 1/2 oz goal this season. I have a lot riding on this 1/2 oz, and I have already spent a ton of money getting this gold mining operation up and running. There is no shortage of equipment repairs, learning curves, and practice that goes into a huge operation like this.. and if we don't get over those, and start sluicing soon.. we are going to be in trouble.

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